The group was founded in June 2009. Soon after it the demo Behind Reflection was recorded and in February 2010 was their debut concert with Norwegian group Ragnarok. Just after this there followed a range of concerts at local promotions and festivals. During the following years the group organized concerts in their native town and region. Throughout this period of time they shared stage with such Famous artists like : Rotting Christ, Caliban, Horse the Band, Hate, Sonic Syndicate, Rolo Tomassi, Illidiance, Ease of Disgust, Soulline.
In June 2012 the group presents their debut EP “Memorial of Madness”, which spread fast among friends and admirers from the native town, and soon became wide-spread by means of social networks. At the moment Xanarial position themselves as before – a metalcore-group, without making fuss over details of sub-styles, as far as the material becomes more and more unique with every new track. Now Xanarial are working over material for their full-length album and a range of significant concerts.

As it was told in one of independent reviews: “…they have brought down a powerful mixture of progressive metalcore and deathcore on the audience. Everythind was performed at high speed. The musicians pushed themselves to the limit, the singing changed from clear to pigvoice. Agression and evil – but of high quality.” (с)Zeromancer

The artist

Nationality: Russia

Resident in: Russia