The band was formed in 4th June 1999 as a metal band with their founder members .After various lineup changes and concert performances, Scarecrow settled with the present lineup in the beginning of 2004.The first debut song “Duray Kothao” was released in a Mixed Album Called Dinbodol & second is “Deyal Vange” from Lokayat which was Co-ordinated by Isha Khan Duray. After that debut album ‘Opartheeb‘ was released 14th September,2006 with a huge response from the fans. Scarecrow’s first album ‘Opartheeb’ maintained top position for more than four consecutive weeks in the ‘Rising Star Underground Albums’ rankings.

The Album Contains 11 Tracks which is given below:
1. Jirno Swapno
2. Adressha Moho
3. Bismrito Somoy
4. Oparthiv
5. Ashompurno Ghrinar Ashfalon
6. Nirghum Chokher Swapno
7. Firey Asha Noy
8. Smriti Ghor
9. Proshantir Govire
10. Adhare Sporsho
11. Dhongshabosesh

Singles: Duray Kothao
Album: Din Bodol

Single: Deyal Bhange
Album: Lokayot

Single: Sesh Shimana
Album: Republic (A Band Mix Album)

Single: Neon ALo
Album: Hatiar

The members of Scarecrow have mentioned Megadeth, Metallica,Pantera,Dream Theater,Inflames & Soilwork as their main sources of inspiration. In addition to that, they also like the Bangladeshi bands Rockstrata, Warfaze and Cryptic Fate.
These days however, Scarecrow has become more engaged with the ever increasing number of live concerts. Scarecrow is currently working out with new composes for mixed albums and our upcoming second album, which promises to be yet another masterpiece.