S. I. Tutul

S. I. Tutul


S I Tutul was born in Kushtia on 28th April. He spent his childhood in Kushtia and did his schooling and colleging at Kushtia Zilla School. He always gave due attention to his studies and was a toper in his classes. Tutul passed his juvenile life in Chittagong and did his graduation from University life in Chittagong University. Tutul believes that the inspiration of his singing has come from his parents. Later he got married with Tania rahman, Famous TV actress. The couple has three beautiful children named Tawaf onoy, Sreyash Ahmed and Arosh Ahmed.

Tutul got his first guitar lesson from Ehsan Choudhuri Mithu. Tutul always considers Mithu as his Guru. Later Tutul continue his learning from Forid, Partho Barua and Aiub Bachchu respectively.

Tutuls first work was with the band “Simjon Kushtia”. Then the “Sperk” and the “Feelings”. Tutul is a former member of “LRB”. He is continuing with his band “Face to face” which recently renamed as “Dhurubo Tara”.

His first album “Shunnyo” has launched almost two years ago. Since then no solo album has hit the audio market. However according to Tutul a new album is on the way to release. All the songs are ready and he is performing the songs at concerts to judge his fans feedback. Tutul has performed many stage shows all around the world. He has performed in Sestone, Montreal and Calgary of Canada. He also performed in New work and State Of California of USA. Tutul also performed in UK and Saudi Arabia also. His journeys around the world prove his worldwide popularity.

Tutul is not confined to only the world of song. As a proud son of a martyr freedom fighter Tutul conveys the insentient of freedom. From the feelings he has recently changed his band name as “Dhurubo Tara”. A school has started holding the same name. The aim of the school is to teach every children properly along with co-curricular activity. Tutul is looking forward to localize the school around the country.

In the contemporary Bangla music scene singer S I Tutul needs no introduction. Often addressed as the ‘Surer Karigar’, S I Tutul’s popularity can be largely attributed to his innovative compositions and songs. Jai Din Jai Ekaki, Valo Lage Raat, Valo Lage Cha(n)d and Keu Prem Korey, Keu Preme Porey are some of the songs which catapulted the singer to instant fame.

Shahidul Islam Tutul, popularly known as S I Tutul, started his music career as a keyboardist and a composer. About his inception in the world of music, he recalls, “Being born in a music-oriented family, I was introduced to music from a very early age. My elder brother was always there when ever I needed him.”

A large number of popular musicians and singers of our country are from Chittagong. Singers like Ayub Bachchu, Partha Barua, Nasim Ali, Nakib Khan and James are among the singers, who emerged from the once flourishing rich cultural scene of Chittagong. When I was a student at the Chittagong University, I learnt playing the keyboard from Partha Barua, the lead vocalist of Souls. The band musicians and singers in Chittagong used to have regular hang out sessions. One day during one of the hang outs I was asked by Ayub Bachchu to join him as his keyboard player, who back then was thinking of forming a band of his own. In 1991, LRB was formed; I joined the band as the keyboardist. I have also released a few songs from LRB. After spending long fourteen years in LRB, I started my solo music career in 2005,” added Tutul.

While speaking of LRB, he says, “I still miss the long jamming sessions with Ayub Bachchu.”

Tutul’s work in the movie, Bachelor, was a major turning point in his life. The song, Keu prem korey, keu preme porey, in the movie was a major success. The song brought him into instant limelight and earned him recognition as a composer and singer.

While speaking about his solo career, Tutul says, “After the huge success of Bachelor, I started doing compositions for background music in the movies, tele-films, drama serials, and jingles. I also started compositing my own songs. As a result, I was able to release four solo albums. They are — Buk-er Sohore Tumi, Jol-er Vetorey Jol-er Cholon, Shunno and Cholon. I have also released a number of duet albums with Asif and others.”

The fans of S I Tutul have not had any new albums from the singer after 2007. When asked about this, he says, “I do not want to release any new albums till the music-lovers stop buying pirated music. Piracy and FM Radio have almost destroyed our music industry. I always try to make my fans aware of piracy in the music industry.”

Speaking about his inspiration for music, he mentioned his wife Tania’s name mostly. “All members of my family encourage me to do my work. To me, music is a kind of meditation. When I compose music, I forget my surroundings. My family members largely help me in my work, which is a great support for me.”

S I Tutul is now quite busy with his live-shows being held in Dhaka and elsewhere. Speaking about his recent projects, he says, “I am composing songs for three Bangla feature films Warish of Salauddin Lavlu, Ghetu Putro Komola of Humayun Ahmed and Sopno-Dussopno er Raat.”

“I dream of building a media institute one day, which will take our media to new heights,” ended S I Tutul.


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