Rafa started doing music in 2003, with a Nu Metal band called Sykokinesis, comprised of a bunch of school friends deciding to form a band, just to experience the sheer fun of it, while meanwhile his brother Saadi was forming another band called Kral, One of the two made their debut appearance at a concert at the Russian Cultural Center which was organised by him and his friends. And that very show

 kick started his journey, then performed another show with Kral at Hotel Abakash, Met Sumon from Aurthohin at a particular concert, and then went on to visit Sumon’s place, in addition, Sumon was also friends with his cousin Aldnane.During that time Aurthohin was in need of a vocalist and was opening up auditions for one, but since Rafa was already serving as the vocalist for Kral, he wasn’t asked by Sumon to hop in, but later on, Imtiaz joined Kral. And so, he was later recruited by Aurthohin as their new vocalist. Later Sumon found out that he can also play the guitars, so he served as both their guitarist and vocalist.He had been learning Nazrul songs during his childhood, as well as did some impromptu tabla playing, but it really did not help him utilize his skills on it as he did not practice the instrument at all, ironically he loathed music, sometime before the year 2000 he was taught to play some guitar chords by his elder brother. so he started plucking some random strings helter-skelter, and this randomisation of string plucking along the way, lead him to learn the instrument to a moderately “sound” level.Meanwhile, he was taken to a concert by his brother and all of a sudden he became interested in drums ever since that show, he immediately left playing the guitars and switched to drums. managed to cover up three Dream Theater albums in a period of three months.Meanwhile he was practicing playing the bass, and there was one keyboard lying in his house as well, so after experimenting with a few keys here and there, he got to learn playing that as well. After joining Aurthohin and launching an album, such obsessions of him with practicing and experimenting with various music instruments started to decrease.

He used to compose and create his own songs but didn’t know how to record them. So he took a software from Sumon in order to experiment on how to record songs in his computer efficiently and clearly, and since his brother used to make his own songs and recorded them, he started taking interest in his works.

Actively produced Powersurge’s debut album, as well as being an active participant in the mixing/mastering and compositions of AURTHOHIN’s albums:
“KADBE BISHSHOY”, “NIKRISHTHO 1 & 2”, “ANMONE 1 & 2″ ,” “ABAR” were some of the songs composed and tuned by RAFA.

He also played an active and major role in the mixing and production of albums of various bands and artists. He single-handedly produced “TOPU’s Album – She ke” and “SHARMIN’s Album – Ontorip”.
Alongside working on the production, sound-engineering (mixing/mastering), playing sessions, Co-production, of various solo artists and bands,
he is working on his own solo album as well.

He has worked on all kinds of Genre.

He plays drums for Severe Dementia; a death metal band.

Drummer and Vocal for Kral, a progressive metal band.

Drummer and Vocal for Aurthohin.

And lead guitar and vocal for his own band ‘The Joint Family’,
Ambient Progressive Rock.

He worked with various genres over the years, prefer doing his own solo album as a soft rock project. He also produced a few hip hop songs which are yet to come. But by heart He is a musician totally devoted to rock music, and sometimes metal.