MILES – The pioneering Bangla Rock Band from Bangladesh going for 3 decades.
► Miles’ first line-up:▪ Farid Rashid (Vocal & Bass)
▪ Kamal Mainuddin (Drums)
▪ Larry Burnaby (Lead Guitar)
▪ Ishtiaq (Lead Guitar)
▪ Musa (Guitar)
▪ Robin (Key board & Vocal)
▪ Happy Akhand (Keyboards & Vocal)

► Miles’ other ex-members:

▪ Shehedul Huda (Drums)
▪ Khayem (Bass)
▪ Milton (Drums)
▪ Mahbub Rashid (Drums)
▪ Schumann Zaman (Bass)

► Miles’ current line-up:

▪ Hamin Ahmed (Vocal & Guitar)
▪ Shafin Ahmed (Vocal & Bass)
▪ Manam Ahmed (Key board & Vocal)
▪ Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo (Drums & Percussion)
▪ Iqbal Asif Jewel (Guitar & Vocal)

►History of Miles-

● 1979 August:
o Miles was born.

● 1979–1982:
o Played at the Hotel Intercontinental, Dhaka, 5 nights a week at the Chambeeli Supper Club.
o First public appearance on Bangladesh Television as Miles.

● 1982:
o First public concert (Miles solo) at Shilpakala Academy Auditorium, Dhaka. Capacity attendance of 2,000 people.
o First album released in English, self-titled ‘Miles’. 3 original songs, 7 cover songs.

● 1983–1990:
o Played at the Sonargaon Pan Pacific Hotel’s discotheque & Coffee Shop in Dhaka 6 nights a week.
o Many solo & joint concerts performed.

● 1986:
o Second album released, in English, titled ‘A Step Further’. 7 original & 3 cover songs.

● 1991:
o First Bangla album ‘Protishruti’ was released with 12 original Bangla songs. This album launched the Band to unprecedented popularity with a number of hit songs.

● 1991–1992:
o Several TV appearances with the newly launched Bangla songs.
o First concert outside Bangladesh in Bangalore, India. 3 hour English Rock music performed in the solo concert. Attendance 7,000 people.

● 1993:
o Second Bangla album ‘Prottasha’ was released with 12 original Bangla songs. Enjoyed record breaking sales. Till date the highest selling album of Band music in Bangladesh.
o Numerous TV appearances.
o Many large concerts of 12,000+ attendances were performed.
o Signed with Pepsi Cola for a sponsorship agreement, which included exclusive concerts organized by Pepsi.

● 1994:
o First Compact Disk of the Band was released as Best of Miles, from Hollywood, USA. This was the first ever CD of a Bangladeshi Band. Sold very well in USA, UK, Japan, UAE, and in Bangladesh.
o Performed in Chandigarh, India for a successful Rock Concert. English rock music was performed in the 3 hour solo concert. Attendance 5,000. Received good press review.
o Performed two concerts in the Gulf States of Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
o Numerous concerts performed in Bangladesh.
o Asia’s largest cable TV network Star TV’s music channel ‘V’ & ‘MTV’ Asia covered MILES’s concert & tour news.

● 1995:
o Many Concerts in Colleges/ Universities performed in different cities in Bangladesh.
o Many private Dinner-Dance shows were performed.

● 1996:
o Performed again in Kolkata India for a very successful concert. Mostly Bangla songs were performed in the 2 and half hour concert. Audience 7,000.
o Released 3rd Bangla album (5th of the Band), ‘Prottoy’ containing 11 original songs. This album is also a high selling album in Bangladesh and abroad, giving the Band its 3rd consecutive hit album.
o Had a successful major tour of USA & Canada over two months. Performed in New York, Dallas, Oklahoma, Chicago, Florida & Montreal to audiences of 500 to 2500 people. Ticket prices ranged from $20 to $100.

● 1997:
o Saw increasing air-play of MILES’s Bangla & English songs in India’s FM Radio & increasing press & record company interests there.
o Released the Band’s first single’s cassette (2 songs) titled ‘Proyash’. Two original Bangla songs as extended dance songs of 7 & half minutes each. Supported by earlier TV performance, the songs were very well received.
o BBC took & aired a number of MILES’s interviews in their different programmes along with some popular Bangla songs of the Band.
o Interview of ‘MILES’ was published in the oldest Bangla newspaper of London called JANOMOT.
o Was recording the Band’s 7th record, partly in India & partly in Bangladesh.

● 1998:
o Performed in many Charity Concerts for up to 20,000 people.
o Performed another successful concert in Kolkata, India to an audience of about 6,000 people.
o Made a number of music videos through the year for satellite TV channels including MTV.
o First compilation album released in India as BEST OF MILES (Vol. I). A ‘perennial seller’ in the language of the record company. Received huge radio play.
o The second compilation album BEST OF MILES (Vol. II) was released 6 months later. This also topped the charts. The two albums received great review in the local press & made ‘MILES’ very well known to the young people of West Bengal, India.

● 1999:
o Performed in the largest concert at Chittagong stadium with over 30,000 audiences.
o Iqbal Asif Jewel joined as the 2nd guitar player of the Band.
o Released 4th Bangla album ‘Probaho’ containing 12 original songs.
o Performed at Shibpur Engineering College, Kolkata in front of 5,000 audiences.
o Performed at university gigs in Bangladesh.

● 2006:
o Miles released another album ‘Protiddhoni’ with 13 original Bangla songs.

● 2007:
o Performed once again in Bangalore, India. A pact indoor auditorium had Bangladesh flag flying and audience danced the night away.

● 2008:
o Miles toured Australia and Italy to perform to sell-out audiences. Also had a tour of India.

● 2009:
o Miles performed in India for South Asian Band Festival 2009.

● 2010:
o Miles only got bigger in terms of their crowd pulling power. Performed mainly stadium concerts across the country, in cities like Rangpur, Comilla, Mymensing, Khulna, Rajshahi, and of course Chittagong and Dhaka. All sell-out concerts.

● 2011:
o Grameenphone, the largest mobile operator in the country, launched a massive campaign with Miles’s new songs for the upcoming album ‘Proticchobi’.
o Performed in India to welcome the New Year 2012 on 31st night.

● 2012:
o Miles joined in Bangladesh-India Friendship concert in India.
o Had a successful tour of USA over two months. This time it was even bigger, a single band toured 10 cities of USA for shows. Miles started in New York, had three shows over there, and did a couple of shows in Los Angeles. Then Miles did shows in San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Florida (West Palm Beach). Then the gigantic Hurricane ‘Sandy’ hit the East Coast and because of that, the New Jersey show was cancelled.

● Large concerts continue. Several live television shows. Also recording continues for the new album.

Miles is the first Bangladeshi band whose music videos have been telecast in Asia’s largest music channels- Channel V and MTV.

Miles has been interviewed by Al Jazeera and CNN also, the only Bangladeshi band to have done so. Outside their own country, Miles have enormous fan following in USA, UK, Australia, Italy and the Middle East, besides of course in India.

► Discography of Miles:

✔ Miles [1982]
✔ A Step Further [1986]
✔ Protishruti [1991]
✔ Prottasha [1993]
✔ Best of Miles (released in Hollywood, USA) [1994]
✔ Prottoy [1996]
✔ Proyash [1997]
✔ Best of Miles (Vol. I) (released in India) [1998]
✔ Best of Miles (Vol. II) (released in India) [1998]
✔ Probaho [2000]
✔ Protiddhoni [2006]

Miles can claim several spots in the list of all-time great songs in Bangla Rock. Some of those are:

♪ Chad Tara Shurjo Nou Tumi [Protishruti]
♪ Prothom Premer Moto [Protishruti]
♪ Shey Kon Dorodia [Protishruti]
♪ Firiye Dao, also known as ‘Nishyo’ [Prottasha]
♪ Dhiki Dhiki [Prottasha]
♪ Neela [Prottasha]
♪ Jadu [Prottasha]
♪ Hridoyheena [Prottasha]
♪ Kotokal Khujbo Tomay [Prottasha]
♪ Pahari Meye [Prottasha]
♪ ShopnoBhongo [Prottasha]
♪ Jala Jala [Prottoy]
♪ Shesh Thikana [Prottoy]
♪ Bhulbona Tomakey [Prottoy]
♪ Piyashi Mon [Probaho]
♪ Polasheer Prantor [Probaho]
♪ Jatiyo Sangeeter Ditiyo Line [Protiddhoni].





The artist

Nationality: Bangladesh

Resident in: Bangladesh