Mechanix initiated their journey by covering very popular and challenging songs in the underground scenario like Holy Wars, Tornado of Souls, Master of puppets, Painkiller etc. From the very beginning, the band instigated with a very high note and got huge responds from the audiences gathering a massive and gigantic fan-following of Mechanix. They performed in good number of various underground shows since they commenced their journey.

By the end of 2007, their 1st single “Jhoddha” was released. In 2009 the hit song “Dhruboshor” was released and yet another hit in 2010 in the form of “Itihas ’71” a song dedicated to the independence war of Bangladesh was released. Mechanix soon started their album work and were nearly done with the recording process by 2010 August and also

Mechanix has performed just about in all the big rock concerts and shows in Bangladesh but among them, performing with Artcell in their 10 years insanity concert was a show that the band members feel that it has been always a delusion for them.

In 30th July, 2011, “Mechanix” have released the long awaited and anticipated album under the Label “DLM ” (Dead Line Music). The title of Mechanix’s 1st solo album was “Oporajeyo” compiling of 10 songs has received amazing and noteworthy appreciation from the listeners and critics.

Now they are back with their new single “Enemy Within” and are ready to go international.