Bappa Mazumder and Shanjeeb Choudhury first met at a local market in Dhaka in 1993. Bappa and Sanjeeb began to work together when Bappa asked Shanjeeb to work on his solo album. Sanjeeb wrote a number of songs including Rani Ghumay, Chokkhu Khule Dekho and Hattimatimtim for Bappas inaugural solo album. They worked together in the Aashok Karmokar photo exhibition ‘Kalratri’ , which impressed the audiences and encouraged the duo to form a band. Sanjeeb proposed Bappa to form a musical group. Bappa agreed and Sanjeeb named the Band Dalchhut As a result, Dalchhut was formed in November 1996. The initial line up only included Bappa and Sanjeeb. Famous bass guitarist and singer Shumon of band Aurthohin helped them in their early stages of performances.sanjeeb choudhury passed away on 19th November, 2007.cause of his death was massive brain hemorrhage. Shanjeeb Choudhury’s death was a huge loss for our country’s music and journalism arena.
Since 1996 dalchhut has worked on 5 albums. Those albums are
Ahh !!! (1997)
Hridoypur (2000)
Akashchoori (2002)
Jochhnabihar (2007)
Aay amontron (2010)

Dalchhut’s current line-up is, bappa mazumder – vocal and guitar, rose on drums, bullet on key boards and backing vocal, tanim on bass guitar and backing voice,masum on guitar and shahan kabondho in band managements
Dalchhut has a huge number of hits.among them bajee,shada moyla,garichole na,bioscope,tomakei bole debo,akashchoori, jochhnabihar,mon chhuyechho, etc can be mentioned.

Band Members:

bappa mazumder – vocal and guitar
rose – drums
bullet – key boards and backing vocal
tanim – bass guitar and backing voice,
masum – guitar


Phone: Shahan Kabondho : +88 01716 602902

The artist

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Resident in: Dhaka, Bangladesh