Artcell is a Progressive metal band of Bangladesh. The band is arguably the first Progressive Metal band of the country and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as grunge and thrash.

Ershad used to be the guitarist of a band named Tantrik back in 1999. Current vocalist/guitarist, Lincoln joined Tantrik just before the group disbanded. They were looking for a bassist and a drummer when they met Cezanne and Shaju through friends. The members later renamed their band to “Artcell” in August 1999 and the band was officially formed in November 1999.

A few years after the bands formation, tragedy struck. In 2002, a close friend of the members and the main songwriter for the band, Rupok, passed away after being infected by the fatal disease, cerebral malaria. The incident happened when the band was working on their first studio album – “Onnoshomoy”. The album was dedicated to Rupok. The fourth track on this album is titled as “Rupok – Ekti Gaan”.

Ershad Zaman, Ershad – Lead Guitars/Backing vocals.
Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen, Shaju – Drums.
George Lincoln D’Costa, Lincoln – Guitars/Vocals.
Saef Al Nazi, Cezanne – Bass/Backing vocals.
Rumman Ahmed, Rumman – Lyricist.

The artist

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Resident in: Dhaka, Bangladesh